A Writer Confronts Canadian Society's Ambitious Opportunists

FOR RELEASE October 12, 2023
By Bobby Kushner / July 11, 2023

A conservative swindles a life-long friend out of his savings and a liberal a disabled man out of his vehicle.

Conservatives painted the swindling of the life-long friend as a reward for enduring an abusive friendship and liberals of the disabled man retribution for living a life of misogyny.

To confront society’s “ambitious opportunists” on both political sides, Bobby Kushner, a Canadian writer, wrote a speech named “The Fighters and the Others.”

The speech compares the lives of the ambitious opportunists to the ambitious fighters.

“The ambitious opportunists revere greed, the want of everything for nothing,” Kushner says. “and the ambitious fighters achievement, the desire to overcome difficulty and create opportunity.”

The speech also explores how society even values the ambitious opportunists over the ambitious fighters.

“Society prizes the ones seeking to avoid the difficulties and steal opportunities from others to seize their wants.” Kushner says.

“It reveres them as strong, resourceful and powerful, though these types worked at overcoming nothing to seize their ambitions.”

The speech “The Fighters And The Others” reads, . . .