Kushner's Profile

Bobby Kushner works as a public relations and screenplay writer.

He aims to publish and film his two screenplays. Both possess a dissimilar plot but a similar theme of good things not always happening to the good or bad things to the bad.

Kushner also wrote six free-to-download handbooks to provide all in need tangible skills in math, government, law, written composition and behavioural therapy.

He already pre-released in 2021 two of the six handbooks. One’s titled "Behavioural Therapy: CBT and DBT in Practice” and the other “Fundamental Writing Skills."

Kushner says, he wrote the six handbooks after observing the critical failures of traditional educational programs and handbooks.

"Our educational programs lack self-containment,” Kushner says. “and often serve as ambiguous stepping stones for learning fundamental skills elsewhere.

"Similarly, our handbooks often disregard the difficult concepts and overexplain the easy ones. All things forcing learners to rely on teachers, whose roles are to enhance the learning of fundamental concepts, not teach them.”

He also says, he wrote the handbooks because of his nontraditional political views toward educational and social issues.

"Conservatives rebuff the presence of our educational and social issues to avoid resolving them," Kushner says. "while liberals exploit these issues to seize rights from their rivals and create social-service programs, which produce no meaningful results and exist just to create jobs for the very people running them."

"So I set out to provide the overlooked many that fair opportunity to work themselves and sharpen their fighting edge. A fighting edge conservatives and, especially, liberals set out to flatten and keep flat."

Bobby Kushner holds many skills in subjects unrelated to his work and personal projects: from kickboxing and metal fabricating to permaculture and outdoor survival.

In the future, he seeks to sell his affordable off-grid home and shelter designs and promote his public-relations campaign for enhancing our green spaces through hunting.

“I got two tangible solutions to a few critical human needs,” Kushner says. “and hope to bring them to market a few years from now.”